It is against the law to not flush the toilet after using it. Special police randomly check on public restrooms and violators are publicly caned.

  • Is there a law against toilet flushing in apartment housing?

    Thank you,
    W. Gray

  • pandu

    I’m Indonesian. and i could assure you that this is a lie. we don’t even have any law that had caning as the punishment (except for Aceh, the ONLY place in Indonesia with Islamic law)

  • TheRageOne

    I think this web is the stupid one… Oh yeah, FYI, they are not special police… They are cleaning services… What they do? They are keeping the toilets clean… So if you don’t flush your toilet, they’ll get angry, trust me… And us, the public and the cleaning services, are not going to punish you with the cane… People will generally stare at you and give you “I-think-foreigners-are-smarter-than-us-but-in-fact-they-aren’t” looks…

    Just go to Indonesia and prove it yourself… Traveling in Indonesia is cheaper than in Thailand or Malaysia although they don’t have the Bali, Raja Ampat, Bangka Belitung, Yogyakarta, Bunaken, Komodo Dragon, The Bromo, Riau Island and many more…

    If you know nothing, don’t judge anything (or even accusing something)… And what basics do you take for this bullshit, primitive being? Observation in prehistoric or colonial era?

    Dumb… Indonesia maybe the most friendliest people, but they’re still human being too… If you share this hoax, they will get sad (for most people -damn this friendly and fragile people!) and angry (for people who can’t take this stupid joke anymore), not because you didn’t flush your toilet, but because the so called friendliest people are being accused with the so called inhuman sentence for the so called not-very-big-and-interesting-problem)