It is a criminal offense, punishable by death, to deface the HaKotel HaMa’aravi (Wailing Wall).

  • Hadas

    This is not accurate. The only offense punishable by death in Israel is Genocide.

  • b

    that is a lie, this law does not exist

  • mr ramone

    genocide lol

  • an Israeli

    umm no, that is not true :O

  • Israeli girl

    Yeah… 10000 years ago maybe.

  • A jew

    Wdf this is a serious thing. Its defacing one of the most sacred things in jewish history and this really isnt that stupid a law.

  • Ruth

    There is no death penalty in Israel, period (Nazi perpetrators are the only exception).

  • Jew-ish

    The Kotel is THE MOST important site to people of the Jewish faith. This law is not stupid. It is a place where they go to pray, It is where the second temple was. I know a man who prayed for his friend’s life. We thought the friend was going to die, and an hour later after the man prayed at the Kotel a lung replacement came for the friend. He now lives a happy life. This is not a stupid law and I am actually highly offended this is on this website.


    There is no death penalty in Israel

  • diego

    you are killing palistinians every day …. on theire own land … no death penalty he said !!!

  • EagleLooker

    you are lying every day… when there is proof Israel don’t kill Palestinians… no penalty for retards he said!!!

  • 600 trapper

    israel are doing the job they kill the bad people

  • 600 trapper

    stop listlenig to stupid people they tell you lies and listen to them