If you release pigs into a acornwood (or a beechnutwood) mutually owned by you and at least one more, and exceeded your quota of allowed pigs, you will have to pay a fine for each each pig to the other owners and to restore any damages caused by the extra pigs.

  • Theodor

    Not that strange really, Sweden don’t really have a history of massive ranches like many other countries, woods where often owned mutually by small farmers instead of dividing it. Since acorn tree has always been regarded as high quality, thus expensive, there must have been many disagreements about how to use it.
    This laws relevance in the twentifirst century can obviously be debated, however.

  • Krister Andersson

    This law is not in effect anymore, it is only in the lawbook because of historical interest.
    Like the one that boys are not allowed to take the cattle to high pasture during summer.
    That law actually makes sense.