If the horn accidentally sounds while making love in a car, the couple can face a jail term.

  • JAY

    I SHALL OBEY U PEOPLE SHOULD 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VeteranStatesman

    Guess ya can only stain the back seats

  • Mico

    But….it was an accident…-___- that’s messed up!

  • Kristin

    People who have sex in cars should go to jail regardless as this is a sex crime (sex in public places).

  • wrong

    I beep it knowingly.

  • Lisnaldy Ramirez

    Do not make noise

  • SolipsisticSkeptic

    Not if it’s private or on your property.

  • SolipsisticSkeptic

    This is false and quite literally one of the most retarded assumptions I have ever read about NJ.