Having an article of disguise without a lawful excuse is illegal. (Vagrancy Act 1966)

  • Matt

    hahaha. I saw that law in action the other day. Some guy in the city (Perth) got arrested for walking along the street dressed as darth vader.

    The wording of this law though is a bit ambiguous. Does ‘article of disguise’ also include all those people who choose to wear army camaflage?

  • Christine

    Wait…what? Um, what about a costume party O_o (I live in aus)

  • tucker

    a lawful excuse means any excuse that isn’t unlawful so its illegal only if you intend to use it to commit a crime

  • Jacks

    Woah, hold up, so if I want a fake mustache on my face in Austrailia, I have to be a police man?!

  • johno

    If the intention is to hide ur identity so you can do ur crine then how come ppl who rob graffiti or rape when they wear hoodies are not charged with this cuz it is still a disguise for it suits their purpose?

  • johno

    Btw if it was illegal for wearing an item of clothing for disguise then by this law transvestites should be charged cuz they hide the fact they male.

  • shulong

    but everyone dresses up (i live in aus)

  • Bob

    This Victorian state law has been repealed may years ago.
    Why didn’t you fact check before publishing?