During the long hours of winter darkness it is illegal to complain that you wish it were sunny.

  • Malin, Sweden

    This is not correct. There are no such laws in sweden.

  • Jimbo

    So, Malin, you are intimately familiar with every law on every book in Sweden? You must be one hell of a lawyer.

    Or, do you just not realize that there are laws on the books that nobody knows about because they’re not enforced?

  • Theodor

    Jimbo, in Sweden we have a comprehensive system, where laws that are not applicable can actually be removed. In America, they just seem to overwrite amendments with other amendments. That’s why they have all these crazy gun laws and what not, in the settler days I’m sure they where relevant but not today. Being able to remove laws also allows you to remove racist laws about slaves and native americans. You should try it!
    This means that the laws that exists are collected in one place, in a series of books and all the documentation about the laws can be found on the government’s homepage.
    We also do not have a bunch of ludacris districts/states where rednecks are allowed to write any law they please. If a law is to become official it needs to go through all the chambers of the legislative body. Ie, elected official representatives of the swedish people legislate, and often instigate, the law.
    I don’t know if such a law exists, but since there is no source what so ever I’m surprised if it does.
    Sorry for assuming you were an american, your ability to dismiss someone without any knowledge of the subject points me in that direction. Swedish laws can be found in a series called NJA, however I’m not sure if they are available in english.
    I appologise for my spelling and/or grammar, english isn’t my first language and I rarely use these engilsh words.

  • Tyrone


    Thanks for demonstrating that Swedes still seem to have a monopoly on arrogance and condescension in the world. Enjoy your authoritarian socialist state and continue to deride free countries to make yourself feel good.

  • nicholas

    Now this made my swedish face smile.
    1st comment: you are correct in condesending Malin for strictly stating that there is no such law, but at the same time you show the same arrogance when supporting a website that does not publish any reference to a stupid law.
    second comment: wonderful.

  • Matt

    I thought that was a UK law for the English..

  • Hat


    Just put a smile on your face and go on with your own life instead ๐Ÿ˜€ No one likes a grumpy!

  • Alicia

    I like this law. : )

  • Carl

    “…authoritarian socialist state…” that made me laugh. I would like to draw your attention to the Democracy index (2010), published by The Economist, ranking Sweden as the fourth most democratic country in the world. Furthermore Sweden is ranked the 4th least corrupt country by the Corruption Perception Index (2010) published by Transparency International. Furthermore the Swedish government is actually ran by “centre-right” parties invalidating the “socialist” point.

    Unfortunately, I could not find an index ranking the most arrogant countries worldwide :P.

    I hope we can all go back to enjoy the freedom we experience in both our countries :).

  • Mogul

    I’ve been searching for this law in the Swedish law book for three weeks and there is not anything even close to the mentioned law.
    I think this is just a mistake or it might be somebody overhearing a conversation like “…like to go where it’s sunny because it’s so cold and dark during the Winter here but we can’t complain, this is Sweden…”
    Anyway, I feel sorry if I took you back to earth regarding this law but if you still believe the law is for real, please do so and have fun. Occasionally I also fantasize about hilarious laws around the world. Peace brothers and sister, hug each other ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sara

    If this exists, I’m of to jail cx

  • I Ron. Butterfyl

    I must insist that the essence of a healthy relationship is doing it morning, noon and nit!

  • Malin

    Now im back again. Man, you are dumb, some of you.
    Jimbo, hell of a lawyer or not, I can guarantee you that this law doesnt exist and never has.

    I have actuarlly looked it up very closely since my last comment, and it is not true.

  • Alva

    This law is ridiculous! All I do during the winter is COMPLAINING!!

  • Torkel

    Well, seems like every fucking swede is a criminal then

  • AHAHAHA theodor and jimbo made 3 minutes of my life a lot funnier

  • oh and ofcourse tyrone too

  • Crasy Wolfang

    I don’t really consider this as true.
    I maybee I should complain to the nearest police officer when the winter comes.

  • P

    In Sweden it is illegal to not know what laws apply to you. This is true, as such not knowing a law can never be an excuse for breaking it, only another offence.

    That being said, this law doesn’t exist. I guess this is a joke. People joke about it should be illegal to do. Because so many people do it. Al tough I don’t like Theodors comment, he is true that laws gets removed if they are not enforced. So therefore there is few stupid laws here, unfortunately..

  • Jimmy

    Oh come on, let’s all trust the website that doesn’t provide links to an actual law book!?

    Did you know that in every country in the world there is a law that forces people to either kill as many as they can or take their own life, it’s true, look it up!?

    Does anyone know of a REAL website like this one?

  • Viveka

    We a allowded to complain of the lack of sun, of course…

  • nils

    Preposterous. Does anybody really BELIEVE there even is such a law? Whoever put this here did it for laughs.

  • Vansterwiki

    There is not… This is fake.

  • fag123

    faaaaaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I always complain that it should be sunny ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Krister Andersson

    No it is not.

  • Krister Andersson

    Every country has that law.