Detonating a nuclear device within the city limits results in a $500 fine.

  • asdfghjkl;

    Nooooooo they figured out my plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Parr

    The real penalty for detonating a nuclear device is death.

  • SilverGod

    um one question… will they fine you…..the city no longer exists

  • jr.

    how will they catch you

  • asdfghjkl;, Michael Parr, SilverGod, and jr., WHERE IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU FIND A NUCLEAR BOMB!? The punishment is death from your own works, you psychopath!!

  • Mattorix

    Only a $500 fine…phew..thats not too bad 😛

  • Alex

    Is this a real law or just a joke ? 🙂

  • hi

    r u kidding??

  • Ari

    Um… Only a $500 dollar fine…?

  • Josh

    I know where I’m going when I want to test out my nukes.

  • MIZ-ZOU!

    Considering it would cost a lot more than 500 bucks to build a nuke anyway…

  • Neckon

    This law isn’t stupid.

    “Detonating a nuclear device” INCLUDES but is NOT limited to a huge atom bomb.

    You can easily build very, very small and harmless reactors with slightly radiating material. Making this small reactor detonate will not harm anyone but it’s still illegal.

  • alex

    what the hell is this real?

  • Jules

    @Neckon — you can’t make such a reactor detonate. For a nuclear device to detonate, you need a critical mass of material, which is typically quite a large amount. It’s actually extremely hard to make a nuclear detonation smaller than the 12kT blast that levelled Hiroshima. To my knowledge, the smallest ever achieved is in the region of 100T. This is about 1% of the power of the Hiroshima weapon. Chico is about a tenth the size of Hiroshima, so such a weapon would likely be able to destroy most of the city.

  • FM

    Chico is a college town, they had to make this a law!

  • honey boo boo

    With luck, someone in the future will develop a personal nuclear weapon, and 100s of 1000s of americans will want to be 1st on the block to own one. of all the people in the world, americans are most likely to use them first. the rest of the world can then breath a sigh of relief.

  • Californian

    Nukes cost way over $500.

  • tit

    If you have enough money to pull this off… I dont think $500 is ANYTHING

  • Erocc

    Let me find out Neckon passed this stupid law>sarcasm

  • calebneo

    I’ll blow up the bomb and get fined only $500, (+$10M cost of bomb) sweet.

  • TheMonarch

    Totally worth it.

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  • lkasdj;flka

    well Big Bertha…. I guess your not going to be used in chico…….. Next stop, Yuba city!

  • Wheee

    It doesn’t say nuclear weapon
    It says nuclear device
    Dirty bombs