Committing suicide is classified as a capital offense.

  • Lewis

    This is no longer true. There are NO capital offenses in the UK due to a human rights bill.

  • Anyone

    In Canada it’s against the law to attempt suicide. It’s illegal not to report or try to avoid someone from killing themselves if you know about it and if they succeed.

  • Reaver141

    WOW seriuly theres a law that is against pleople in suicide in england LMFAO.

  • s4t4n

    You think thats funny try “it is legal to shoot to kill someone attempting suicide” in new york

  • The local troll

    Outdated law, used to exist when Britain was very religous and its a sin to commit suicide. so about 200 years ago. maybe more.

  • Bob

    What’s the punishment for breaking this law?

  • i thinnk its stupid when they have laws

  • BaybeGurl

    Haha, wow, but tbh, who’s gonna stop ya’? O.=

  • david

    @ Bob, any person committing suicide shall be immediately punished by death, without the benefit of a trial.

  • Andy J

    As Capital Punishment is no longer a possible punishment in the UK, this act, though it was the case is no longer true.

  • Cursing sailor of canada

    Yup rehang the body guards