Children are not to go trick-or-treating on Halloween.

  • that is a lie because i used to go all tha time and i liv in VA!!

  • loopa doopa

    Thats just BS. Trick or treating is like only FOR children!

  • Becky

    Then let’s pick another day, how about Labor Day, all we do then is have picnics.

  • poor kids…….parents get everything!!!

  • What!?!?! OMG, if that were really a law, about 1,000 kids would be in trouble! When are you supposed to go trick-or-treating…on Easter!? Wow, that is so not a law… 😛

  • Elizabeth

    How can this law be real?!?! What now? Pregnant women can have their baby on Easter? I’m pregnant and that mt due date!!


    yes every one it is a law but not followed or enforced most people including cops and lawyers don’t know it

  • This cant be a law because EVERY kid in Virginia LOVES to trick-or-treat and dress up, well most kids do. Why would they even make this a law????? huh huh?

  • Anianna

    I don’t know where this originated from and it’s posted on just about every “dumb law” site, but it is not accurate as far as I can tell. Several localities in VA impose age limits restricting trick-or-treating to only children under 12 and many localities prohibit trick-or-treating after 8PM. I cannot find any statewide law prohibiting trick-or-treating nor can any of the “dumb law” sites provide a reference.

    CAPTDIFF, you say it is indeed a law. Can you provide a reference, please?

  • kris

    you people are effing retarded, if it was not a real law then why would they have it on the website.

  • I got the Nom Noms

    I Nom Nom on that candy Bitch

  • whatevermynameis


    EVER HEARD OF LYING?? half of the things on the internet aren’t true, so you better get used to it.

  • /Kare

    these laws were once practiced in the country but as people evolved more they didn’t get the laws banned from being practiced but they stopped

  • Tyler

    there is an age limit of only 12 and under may
    trick or treat. I know because I live There

  • Tyler

    plus i cop can to my neiborhod last halloween

  • Just because it’s a law doesn’t mean it’s enforced.

  • daniel

    I live in VA. I think that the law was misposted on this site.I don’t think trick-or-treating is illegal ALL together. But more rules and regulations than most states.

  • Laura

    Guess who’s going trick or treating this year? Me! And i live in VA!

  • Jenny

    Children in Dauphin County PA will T or T on Oct 27 or 28th depending on where you live.

  • Faith

    That so dumbbb!!

  • Kidlet

    i would love to see somebody TRY to stop kids from doing this and not get egged

  • ladygaga

    This is such a crock of bs I live in VA and I took my kids trick or treating last year and years prior. it may say “Children are not to go trick-or-treating on Halloween without parents or person over 16

  • FireGirl

    SCREW THAT im taken my lil bro trick er treating in virginia now

  • S

    This is most likely an old law that has never been taken off the books if it was a law at all.
    For all the people who think it is dumb, you simply have to look up the history behind “Trick or Treat” where kids would run through neighborhoods and unless bribed to leave houses alone…they would vandalize the property.
    It would not be that surprising to see that a state or community try to stop such actions.

  • guess you’ll go on thanksgiving… come on guys lets go i wanna hit all the then we can eat da candy in front of their faces all like onmonm!

  • matt

    F THAT.. me and my bro will head to va and get some candy if they like it or not..

  • Caasi

    I’m learning this in history…
    It is not a statewide law but is enforced in many cities in Virginia.

  • Allison

    In my area kids over 12 cannot trick or treat. I still went until I was 18 though. Hell, I could still get away with it looks wise. I’m 22 but look 12.

  • Joshua Novotny

    CAN YOU SHOW PROOF???????????????????

  • billy bob joe jr.

    Then when are they supposed to go trick-or-treating? Christmas? Mother’s Day?