Stupid State Laws

Stupid Country Laws

Barber shops may not open on Sundays.

Sec. 14-8. Barber shops; Sunday closing. It shall be unlawful for any barber shop to be kept open or do any business on the Sabbath day. (Code 1914, § 798)

  • Reticuli

    That’s pretty stupid. Where’s the separation of church and state? I realize that most barbers are closed on Sundays anyway, but that’s dumb to have a law on it.

  • Dankia Johnston

    man that is stupid guess im going to cut my on hair now any one want cuts they are free

  • http://[email protected] Barry Elliot Newman

    Jewish day of Sabath is Saturday
    Muslum day of Sabath is Friday
    Catholic day of Sabath is Sunday
    So I guess they should all be closed on each of these days. Barbers should be happy. They get a three day rest every week.
    Have a nice Holiday everyone. Just relax and enjoy yourself and watch the Pats play on the Sabath.No problem there I guess.