All married women must get their husband’s permission if they wish to have a job, they must live wherever the husband wishes to reside, and they must forfeit all jointly held assets upon divorce from her husband.

  • YES. men are at rule there.

  • St

    This is currently not correct, however the parliament is working on it.

  • Todd

    Women are chattel, to be owned. At least in the middle east they are. Lol

  • Factchecker

    The law was repealed in 1990.

  • turkish

    this is completely not true actually it is bullshit today every woman shares wealth with husband upon divorce there is no forfeiting also not need husband approval to work if they want to work they work end of the story

  • Jacob

    Shouldn’t America just invade the Middle East and enforce local far-left liberalism there? While they’re at it, they should just turn the East into
    Eastern Arabia and the West into Western Arabia, since the entire demographic structure is cut straight down the middle and cuts Iraq in half.

  • gogo

    i think it is good law and could be pay everywhere. too much freedom for women makes only troubles…

  • Steve

    Non of the above is correct. I guess someone got confused by West Virgina state law.

  • MadPerson

    I say shut down the page! This is all bullshit, every “stupid law” is just made up? Im mad to see that the person who made the page is just saying bad stuff about contries!

  • ronnie gill

    What the duck are you talking about. Without women none of us wouldn’t have be here .bud now sit down and shut you’re own damming ads mouth. Women have as much of a right or more eights then closed minded men do. So go jump in a lake and enjoy a cold swim. That my open you’re damm mind up.

  • Gizem Nur

    Yes, it is true. You should take permission. But like I said “should”. You don’t have to. But there are some people in Turkey and they don’t want their wifes to work. They think that only husband can handle with family’s living and wife should care of her child or house work. If you are ask to wife if she is happy or not, she would probably say “I am happy” Because We Turkish women are addicted to our husband and we don’t want to do anything without our husband’s permission. If he doesn’t want, we say “it’s okay!”
    But we are in 2015 now. And lots of women in Turkey, they can do whatever they want. Now we are looking at cities and we see lots of divorces. That because “Your husband give you permission to do whatever you want, you did and you became free more than needed. This caused lots of problem. And you decided to divorce.”

    Shortly, take permission from husband is a good way for Turkish women. Another countries think “that is absurd.” But they don’t know if their wifes should take permission, our family would be better too. Because we are happy. And this is not stupid law.
    Thank you for your reading!

  • Turkish

    Stupid laws which do not exist in Turkey. Get well informed before write down something.