• Christie

    That cannot be true…

  • american

    this isnt true…when i went to seattle i was walking by the 1st starbuck with my sister. she was eating a lollipop.

  • That is so not true cuz i live in washington and everybody eats lollipops here

  • FormerSeattleite

    Even if you doubt it is true, the “evidence” of seeing people violating the law does not make it false! I see people speeding, does that mean it’s no longer illegal to speed in Washington?

  • me

    i hate it sooooooooooooo much

  • DUMBEST LAW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moon

    Think of the children!!!!!! How could u do this to them?! haha

  • levi nicks

    dude this is an stupid and idiotic law……you would have to be an idiot to beleave that.

  • Nick

    Why is everyone saying this law is fake? It just isn’t enforced anymore. Laws take time and money to remove, so sometimes it is just easier to stop enforcing them. However, the law is still technically in place.

  • Liz

    yeah, of course they are banned. They call them suckers here instead 🙂

  • Madison

    That’s definitely not true. My dads a policeman in Seattle and I’ve definitely ate plenty of lollipops on front of him and he never told me not to.

  • Nicky

    Guys, honestly. If you live in Washington you know they’re lollipops, but we call them suckers. Wanna know why? Lollipops are against the law, but give them another name….

  • Veronica

    Obviously the law is not true. They couldn’t sell them in stores if they were ‘illegal’. I work at walmart, and some suckers ring up as “lollipop” on the register. We wouldn’t sell them if it was illegal

  • U guys seriously gotta stop arguing about these laws not being real!!!!!! Most of these laws are either old laws that don’t exist anymore or not enforced anymore!!!!!! Don’t get how this would be a law though. To much fat kids there?

  • Zoe

    Really, I eat lollipops all the time and I live in Washington!

  • Editor

    The law in not enforced, obviously. Say I eat lolipops it’s fake hahaha shows stupidity. Marijuana is illegal in amsterdam but it is not enforced. They sell many things in stores that technically illegal.

  • you’re all idiots

    There is no RCW entry about this. If you feel that it is a real law (it’s not), feel free to peruse the RCW database available freely online at apps.leg.wa.gov/RCW/. You won’t find it though. It’s not real.

  • Dudes, let me just get this straight. This was a REAL law in the early 1900’s, because my grandfather was a policeman there, and he said it was true. His best friend had to arrest someone because they were trying to protest by eating a lollipop in front of the police station. I guess he didn’t take it seriously, but it’s not a law today. It was only alive for a few years. Does that answer you’re questions? Because my grandfather is not a lier.

  • Lemonade Stand

    THE HORROR!! even if it was in the early 1900’s thats still against human nature!

  • FireGirl

    This is the dumbest law ever that is true
    but i isnt enforced if u want proff i will go to washington and eat one just to prove it to all of you

  • Dee

    It *is* still on the books, but everybody ignores it. I remember discussing it with a criminal law professor. There are a lot of laws on the books in a lot of states (one on the east coast that makes the installation of a bath tub illegal) and nobody enforces them. Everybody ignores it because it’s no longer relevant. Joe Bob’s right.

  • Jordin

    This isn’t true I live in Washington and they sell lollipops at about any store that sells candy

  • nonamer

    well ive eaten them in washington b4

  • confucius

    Clearly some of you have the potential to come up with a stupid law….there’s no such thing as a stupid answer just stupid people.

  • Dan

    I did time with a guy that got busted for lolipops, all the other inmates feared him.

  • Rani



    he’s joking….

  • Mia

    The law was mostl likely created in the 1920’s meaning that it would seem too inappropriate to eat in public. Imagine being a man who rarely sees a woman in anything but a long skirt watching a woman eat a sucker. They would only assume that she was a prostatute and come on to her. Is it inforced no is it worth doing the paper work to get rid of it. No.

  • For one, what were they thinking?!

  • one oyaji

    Of course Lollipops have been banned, they are used in place of $$ to bribe kidds into doing good deeds.

  • Anynomous

    So there it no loolipops in the state of washington?

  • that sucks

  • SwagMastaBeast13

    I’m still in middle school in washington, and we have a police officer here who talked to us about alcohol, and at the end he gave lollipops to all who wanted one. Everyone also eats them. This is such a lie. All of the candy stores sell them openly too.

  • blah blah

    wTf is this O.o -o-t

  • david m

    wow so not true

  • selina

    hi javi

  • selina

    i feel dumb lol

  • selina


  • selina


  • Doubt this is true, other wise there’d be a giant crackdown on those lollipop vendors at Seattle Center!

  • Chung Wu

    Banned? Banned where? I have heard the laws banning treats like kinder surprise because they contain a non-edible food item, but nothing about lollipops. although on that basis i guess it is understandable!

  • Martin

    Lollipops are NOT dangerous! Or are they NOT?

  • fj;ohoqniqotedhn

    oh no there are I eat them all the time

  • Bani Septa Muhammad

    Alcohol can lead to crime but lollipop?

  • Henry Collins

    This Is In Washington

  • poopyboners


  • J Waughtal

    this law is so stupid

  • chkwdjn

    i love lollipops LONG LIVE LOLLIPOPS

  • hi im awesome

    huh?????????????? I eat them all the time.

  • K Thomason

    This is so fake. There should be a Report fake law button