All boys must, by law, learn to play rugby.

  • wtf rugby is not stupid and this is not a stupid law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bradhla

    Then this law was meant for you.

  • gock

    this is bollocks there’s no such law.

  • This law is perfect for the big, fat, but fast at the same time kids, but not for the wimpy, scaredy-cat, and out-of-shape kids. So take my number off your rugby mailing list!!

  • Katy

    Wales doesn’t have its own legal system so all laws are the same as England, except those passed since 2003, this law doesn’t exist!

  • jon

    actually gock and katy. it’s probably a ‘wales only law’ made in westminster but only applied to wales. there are a few laws like that. but being a rugby hating welshman i think it sucks arse.

  • BS detector

    This is BS, complete lie, no such law exists. I am Welsh, grew up in Wales and know for a fact this is just rubbish.

  • 600 trapper

    fake law