A license is required to purchase a television set.

  • Francois Botha

    The income from the licences are used to fund the public broadcaster, the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

    By law, if you own a television set (whether you watch SABC or not), you have to own a TV licence.

    Because it’s impossible to allow terrestrial broadcasting only to licence holders, the only way to ensure it is to prove it upon buying a television set.

  • Sane Person

    This is a very sensible law. Has this website done any research? You need a television licence to get a television. It means less adverts. It’s not stupid.

  • No Sane Person…it does not mean fewer adverts. It means more money to squander by inept officials on stupid ideas and creating horrible programs

  • A prcovoatvie insight! Just what we need!

  • Renboy

    If they had a sane reason for making us have a license for a TV why can I buy a radio without one.
    Its stupid and I am very glad I have never bought one. The law states that “Any receiving set must have a license.” So I only have a dvd plugged in and no aerial so no reception.

  • Renboy

    o and thank go there are plenty of places that let you buy a tv without the license

  • Travis

    Any fanboy saying this is not stupid is stupid themselves. I don’t use my so called TV to watch TV but just DVD’s. The local broadcaster has the worst shows and the free channels are better with fewer adverts.

    This law is archaic and needs to be removed. Just one more example of how weak South Africans are as consumers. Businesses that use TV as monitors to display product information or even dashboards of sales are expected to pay TV’ licenses for the privilege.

    We pay it because its the law and they use nasty so called law firms like VVM to threaten you with law suits not because its moral.

    There is now even a tax on computer monitors because they could be TV’s.

  • AwesomeBoy

    This is the most ridiculous law ever! I need a license to buy a TV, but I don’t need one to buy a computer TV tuner card OR a TV antenna! Whats up with that!? HA-HA! I’m now enjoying the crap they call entertainment on my computer for free!!!!! Yay me!

  • john

    Actually,50% of broadcasts on SABC channels is adverts.
    I think tv licence requirements should be stopped,mainly because almost no one watches it anymore.
    Maybe even end sabc 1,2,3, and etv.

  • Jeffrey

    John, it’s going to get MUCH worse if you read about the switch to the digital signal and they want to open 20+ more public channels.

    AwesomeBoy, yes you do need one for any TV tuner (just the tuner, not the antenna) but it’s just not enforced by any one, thus making it a partly redundant law.

    Funny, first time I tried to buy a TV they asked for my license. So I called up and applied for one but in the process they wanted the serial number for the TV that I hadn’t bought yet. I let the shop apply for one for me after that.

  • robgun

    @Renboy. Pre 1994 SA you were required to have a valid TV license for radio as well. It was later changed so that poor people had free access to public broadcasting and community radio stations.
    Interesting fact: at one stage, not sure of the years but it was up until about Yr 2000 that you were actually required to have a license for each TV set you owned. Later this was also changed to allow for one license to be used per residence. Business requies a different license.

    The law actually states “any device capable of receiving a terrestrial signal”. So no matter that your antennae might not even be connected, or the stations tuned in, the TV is still “capable” of receiving a signal.
    The only way to be 100% legal and continue to use your TV for DVD, etc. is to have the tuner removed from your TV and video machine, and TV card, and cellphone if applicable