A hackney carriage (taxi) driver must carry a bale of hay and a bucket to feed and water his horse.

  • Stratfield Mortimer

    Urban myth! Do some research and you’ll find it has never been true, even when taxis were horse-drawn. The only requirement was to carry sufficient food for the horse’s miiday feed, which is very sensible and not at all stupid.

  • its not that stupid, except having horsedrawn taxis in the modern day…

  • Syntinen Laulu

    Totally untrue: there has never been any such law. The only law there has ever been in the UK re the feeding of cab horses is the London Hackney Carriage Act of 1831, which laid down that if a cab driver wanted to feed his horse he could give it only oats out of a bag, or hay from his hands – i.e. he must not clutter the street by putting down a bucket or a pile of hay. (The Act did not oblige him to carry any fodder for his horses; only to administer it tidily if he did.)